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23, January of 2023

CASFIL | Award “Maiores & Melhores"


Casfil was distinguished with the Exame magazine award for the best company on the market in the base materials sector, for the 2021 financial year.

The company thanks its employees and business partners for their joint work.


Find out about Casfil's strategy, its latest investment and its position on sustainability.



Casfil’s strategy is based on the persistent search for continuous improvement, not only in technology, processes and products, but also in the customer service and employee satisfaction. The investments made over the last four decades are aimed at ensuring not only its continuity over time, but also its development and a positive contribution to the community where it operates. The company adapts to changes in consumption, market and technology, keeping its values unchanged.

The most recent world events, such as the pandemic, logistical disruptions and the war in Ukraine have caused difficulties in supplying the industry. Casfil's path, marked by lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers and the diversification strategy, proved to be decisive in facing the uncertainties and volatility of the times we live in.



The last investment project of 35.9 million Euros, which is nearing completion, comprises the installation of a hybrid line for the production of BOPP and BOPE films, with improved performance in terms of technical properties and recyclability, as well as the expansion of the Santo Tirso industrial unit and the installation of an energy production unit for self-consumption, using photovoltaic panels. This project was approved by the Portugal 2020 investment incentive program, with financial support of 5 million Euros.

During 2022, Casfil also invested around 4 million Euros in production equipment, information technologies and modernization of the facilities.



The plastic industry has been mistakenly identified as one of the most polluting activities on the planet. Most plastics have a petrochemical origin, however, only 4% of fossil resources are used worldwide in their production. Plastic is a very versatile material and suitable for ensuring the preservation of goods, hygiene and health. It is present in almost all aspects of our daily life and in sectors that depend on it, such as food, medicine, logistics and high technology, among others. We cannot allow the benefits of this material, such as its lightness and durability, to also be its greatest threat to the environment.

Casfil considers the disposal of plastic in the environment to be unacceptable. Industry must lead by example in realizing the circular economy. Therefore, in partnership with its suppliers, Casfil seeks solutions for even more easily recyclable products, according to the different collection and recycling chains of plastic waste in different markets. The packaging design also takes into account the reduction in the amount of material, while maintaining the intended functionality. On the other hand, Casfil plays an important role in raising the awareness of its employees, families and the surrounding community of environmentally responsible behavior, which results from each of us reducing consumption, reusing, repairing and recycling.